Combilent is a Danish company specializing in the design, manufacture, sales, and value added re-sales of mobile communication infrastructure products with the primary focus on the Public Safety segment.

Our aim is to match the high quality of the products we supply with exceptional service and responsiveness.

Combilent specializes in RF conditioning products including combiners, filters, Tower Top Amplifiers / Tower Mounted Amplifiers, and power monitoring.

We offer a range of product for TETRA, P25, DMR in UHF and 7/8/900 MHz. 

Combilent has a well-equipped design and low volume manufacturing facility in Farum/Denmark, with high volume manufacturing outsourced through contract manufacturers in low cost areas.

Combilent has established relationships with major OEMs and holds preferred supplier status with many of them.

On August 31st 2018 Combilent, announced, the acquisition of the United States-based Bird Technologies’ Radio Infrastructure Products Division, formerly known as TXRX Systems. In the United States, and since 1976, TXRX Systems has been the leading US industry provider of RF conditioning products in the LMR market, aided by breakthrough inventions in T-Pass Transmit Combiners, Auto-Backup Tower Top Amplifier, base station antennas, etc.

After the acquisition by Combilent, the TXRX Systems products will now be offered to the EMEA and APAC market, as part of the Combilent Group, and through an extensive distribution organization.

In the United States, the Combilent Group will operate under the TXRX Systems name and be headquartered in the TXRX Systems facility in Angola, NY. Optimum quality processes from both companies will be merged, whereas customer service processes that are highly appreciated by our current customers will remain.

The new Combilent Group will offer a deeper and broader solution portfolio to both the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and the Field Engineering markets. The standard portfolio will include best-in-class solutions from Combilent and TXRX Systems: VHF, UHF, 700/800/900 MHz Transmitter Combiners, Receive Multicouplers, Filters, Duplexers, Tower Mount Amplifiers (TMAs), Power Monitors, and associated Services. In addition, both Combilent and TXRX,Systems provide high level of customization and integration to customers with unique needs.

The Combilent Group is owned by Indutrade AB listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm stock exchange.

The Combilent Group is a member of TCCA and the PDT Association.